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Where to Buy Your Domain Address

With so many domain selling companies in Australia, it is tough to tell which one is the best. However, before you begin to search for the best one, you need to know that not all are legitimate. With the kind of freedom available online, some websites claim to sell domain name addresses but in the real sense are robbing customers. To avoid falling victim to such frauds, here are the tips you can use to identify a genuine domain seller;

  • Look for reviews

One thing with online customers is that they are very generous when it comes to leaving an honest review of a website. That’s why, it’s imperative that before you engage any site, find out what the previous customers are saying. The important thing is that you can find reviews from different sources online.

  • Be keen on the privacy services

Domain details usually are public on the WHOIS directory while many businesses prefer making this information private. A good domain seller should be able to openly explain the meaning of this to you and even make your business information private for free. There are however some domain sellers that tend to charge a fee for privacy services. These are the type of domain sellers to stay away from

  • Check if there are any hidden charges

Buying a domain name is not easy especially if you are doing it for the first time. Typically, you are most likely to meet things that you are not familiar with, but since you are only interested in a domain name, you will not pay so much attention to other things on the domain sellers’ website. You should, however, know that some domain sellers have other services that they can charge you for even though the service you are paying for is useless to you. That is why you need to make sure that you check the right boxes on your order form before submitting your domain name request. This way, you will prompt out of any additional expense that may be available.


When searching for a proper domain selling company, you should not forget that you need a partner that will safeguard your business. Additionally, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have a good hosting for your domain as well. If interested in opening an online shop, for example, Shopify is highly recommended because it offers free hosting for their clients.

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